Coaching for top executives

When I think of Coaching for top executives, I ask myself the question, “What can I give to people that they have not already been taught in other classical Coaching experiences or in a new way adds to their competence?” This makes me think of the character Bolingbroke, the born manager, in ‘Richard II’ by Shakespeare. Bolingbroke just eliminated all of his potential competitors and now is taking possession of England (with little, if any, thought or debate about the wisdom of his actions). The last head, the head of Richard II, was handed to him on a silver platter. Bolingbroke, now King Henry IV,  is the most powerful man in England,  having achieved everything, yet he asks: ‘’Have I no friend will rid me of this living fear?’’ This question doesn’t come without reason. On his climb to the top, he got to know the system from every angle. He realizes that he is now surrounded by opportunists and intriguers. Bolingbroke not only can no longer trust anyone, but also knows he is completely alone on the cold top where the air is very thin. Back to my introductory question. The answer is:  I can offer the thought process  to consider the real debate, to consider the best actions, on the basis of my skills, knowledge and relationship with my clients.