My Main Focuses

Resilience-techniques – This headline covers my main focuses, for both companies and private clients. Resilience involves developing skills to successfully handle challenges and stressful situations in a way that leads to a double win in the end. One win for you as a person and one for your role or situation in the respective context. Among the resilience techniques I offer, for example, are the ‘principle of self-guidance’, ‘coping & creating’ and ‘empathic bargaining’.
Moreover, we may also explore your important ‘life events’ and their influences on your inner belief systems. With that method you will gain a new view on your behaviour in the private and job-related contexts.


If I was talking about decision-making for example, I could describe rationality-concepts or - multi-attribution utility theory and its application. But that is not what I will do. We would rather talk about ‘self-guidance’, about psychological factors we deal with everyday. If you are interested in optimizing your decision-making or further strengthening the impact of your behavior on your stakeholders, then we would examine your strengths and challenges in this regard. Self-guidance just deals with the core of your personality. In the ancient world there was striking saying on the temple of Apollo in Delphi, visible to all: – “Know thyself”. Why should we make that effort? It is about answering the question: What motivates you? Then we can examine how aware we are of the consequences of our actions.
This is directly related to an honest assessment of how we have made decisions in the past and what we can change to improve this process and the results. This will build a more realistic and effective self-understanding and trust in our perceptions, our decision-making expertise and the ability to move forward with confidence.

Empathic bargaining

Empathy is often difficult particularly in a work environment. How effective we are at solving conflicts or bargaining successfully mainly depends on our ability to understand others – for example business partners, employees or family members. Research has consistently shown that the ability to put oneself in another’s position – called perspective-taking – is a primary ingredient for success! Yet business negotiations often fail because there is little to no effort to mirror this basic principle. I offer you effective strategies to help you negotiate empathically, effectively and to achieve your goals.

Coping & Creating

Personal experiences of loss, the danger of losing your employment or simply the feeling of being ‘down’ – any of these events and states might strain you at the moment. You may feel that you are close to your limit. It’s time to take action in order to cope with your challenges. Why not benefit from this situation? Together we can explore old patterns and how they have helped or hindered your progress. On your very personal timeline, we will develop your future with a fresh outlook and new approaches that are made just for you. You will be able to say ‘that fits like a glove’ afterwards!