“Emotional depth, analytical mind“

This brief statement just reflects what people said about me over the years. Actually, I have worked diligently to develop myself emotionally and analytically. In order to be effective at both Coaching and Training, the professional consultant should be able to lead by example. Therefore, I continue to learn and grow professionally through my own search for knowledge and skills as well as self-understanding. In fact, I only analyze as much as necessary and resolve the most I can with my client. Emotional depth? Yes, I get into the life of my clients as deep as necessary for the desired goal. This is important to gain the best understanding of the client’s story. I am pragmatic regarding emotional questions. I use my understanding of cognitive processes and  brain systems - the neocortext and executive functions (thinking, reflecting) against limbic system (emotions), as the mediators of behavior. Thus not only do I use this understanding to help my client progress, I am also aware of my own processes in order to maintain a healthy perspective and balance. And this is what I hope for my clients, to, that by learning about oneself, my client will also gain a different perspective and balance. This is simply the aim of my work.