Here’s is what customers say about collaborating with Strategy 108. Some references you won’t find at this point. One reason are rules of compliance, other reasons derive from very personal issues of my clients. Yet, just in case you need to know some more references, just contact me.

Highly recommended coaching! Already in our first conversation with Ralf I felt very well understood. Ralf's coaching is goal-oriented and focused. Thanks to his professional, open and personable manner, I quickly built trust. He handled my request very professionally, which gave me a lot of new insights. He was also able to give me some helpful techniques for practical implementation in everyday life. I can warmly recommend Ralf with a good feeling.

  • Anja Hoffrichter, Director Finance & Procurement, Ubisoft Blue Byte GmbH, Dusseldorf

During my coaching with Ralf Georgi, my professional life unexpectedly faced new challenges. Suddenly the focus was on completely different topics that I had to deal with. It was a happy coincidence that I was just being coached by Ralf Georgi. It was important for me at the moment to examine my situation from different perspectives in order to recognize the new opportunities, which I was able to achieve thanks to the coaching. Ralf Georgi stood by my side with his methodical approach, his listening, understanding and questions and last but not least with his empathy.

  • Daniel Visevic, Director of Communications, Project A Services GmbH & Co. KG, Berlin

Mr. Georgi accompanied me in an extremely important process for me. I have long considered how I can describe the collaboration as briefly and accurately as possible. What was for me, in addition to many positive aspects, the one outstanding point that ultimately made the accompaniment by Mr. Georgi so valuable for me? It may sound trivial, but it is not: Mr. Georgi understood me.

  • Moritz Kalkum, Managing Partner Otto Kalkum & Söhne GmbH & Co. KG, Solingen

We hired Mr. Georgi as fascilitator for a meeting to realign our strategy. Both the preparation and the follow-up of the meeting by Mr. Georgi were very helpful. In particular, he knew how to use constructive questions and helpful comments to advance our considerations constructively. This also included specific appointments and deadlines for implementation. Thanks to his appealing and very empathetic nature, working with Mr. Georgi is always pleasant and very trusting.

  • Marie-Luise Hasler, Managing Partner, U-Form Verlag Hermann Ullrich GmbH & Co. KG, Solingen

Mr. Georgi has been working with us on various levels for three years now. This ranges from individual coaching to team coachings in different constellations, including conflict management, to the fascilitation of strategy meetings. In particular, his extensive experience, his likeable personality and his ability to quickly adjust to situations and processes help us a lot. We are convinced that without his support we would not have been able to initiate certain processes in the company or implement them in the desired manner and scope. We would like to thank him in every form for his service and look forward to continuing our good, targeted and successful cooperation.

  • Harald Wüsthof, Managing Partner ED. WÜSTHOF DREIZACKWERK KG, Solingen

I experienced Mr. Georgi in a one-on-one coaching session as a very pleasant and inspiring conversation partner, where you immediately feel in good hands. Mr. Georgis coaching sessions are very tailored to the individual goals, and he can reflect his own thinking, acting and feeling in his pleasant way and develop new ways together. The detailed preparation and follow-up of the sessions through structured and detailed documentation contributes significantly to the long-term success of the coaching.

  • Laura Fritz-Wilde, Talent Acquisition Manager EMEA, Oerlikon Textile, Remscheid

We appreciate collaborating with Mr. Georgi a lot, most of all because of his tenacious analytical approach. He creates a framework for more expanding questions an releases a pulse in complex business cases. In combination with his authentic and positive presence he is a definite win.

  • Frank Balkenhol, CEO Wirtschaftsförderung Solingen GmbH & Co. KG

I honor Mr. Georgi’s personal and sincere engagement for the development of our start-up enterprise, Klimagriff GmbH. I really do appreciate his farsightedness in strategical issues which prevented me from false steps more than once.

  • Georg Meyer, Managing Partner, Klimagriff GmbH, Solingen

I enjoyed collaborating with you a lot and would like to continue working together with you. I experienced our training week in Osterode as being very constructive, inspiring and exiting. Of course I would like to use the impact of it to transform our new approaches into daily life.

  • Dr.-Ing. Markus Cremer, Head of Product Development, FRÖTEK-Kunststofftechnik GmbH, Osterode am Harz

I would like to give my sincere thanks for a good and trustful cooperation and preparation for my leadership assessment. You helped me in confronting my sorrows and finding practical solutions. Our conversations were a great help to generate a clearer self-perception which encouraged me to turn my leadership skills into practice.

  • Michaela Wischnewski, Deutsche Telekom Kundenservice GmbH, Dusseldorf

I came to him with many questions that were unanswerable to me. His gentle and sensitive way of sorting the important issues helped me not only in seeing my own way more clearly but also activated my inner strength to go that way.

  • Barbara Debusmann, Owner Weinkontor Debusmann, Solingen

I have known Ralf Georgi since he first stayed with me and my family in 1980 in order to improve his English and learn about customs in the United States. Because we have been in close contact ever since, each of us visiting back and forth between countries for 32 years, I believe I am in an excellent position to attest to Mr. Georgi’s character and trustworthiness. I have also worked collaboratively with Mr. Georgi in our respective professions. As a Professor and a Clincial and Educational Director for over 40 years, I believe I am able to provide an accurate assessment of his professional capabilities as well. Mr. Georgi is a very talented individual who has worked hard to pursue his goals at every step in his personal and professional life. I believe he has made an excellent choice to become proficient at Coaching and Training for businesses and individuals. Mr. Georgi is very insightful and provides clients with meaningful and thought provoking processes to help them find new and more efficient ways to improve their respective situations. I give my highest endorsement of Mr. Georgi’s services.

  • Dr. Judith Christensen, University of Vermont (Department of Psychology), Clinical and Educational Director, Woodside Juvenile Rehabilitation Center, Colchester, Vermont, USA

Ralf is a person who continually refines himself and lives what he conveys to others. I got to know him as a sensitive person who keenly observes things and uses his insight to reflect observations thoroughfully, to question his assumptions and to work out desirable changes. His Master’s thesis about relationship of life-events and belief systems, in which he introduces a new and interesting Coaching-model, is based on excellent scientific research and clearly adds important new information as well.’

  • Heike Kuhlmann, Future-Excellence, NLP-Lehrtrainerin (DVNLP) und Lehrcoach (DCV), Düren

An eloquent presenter who knows what he is talking about! Mr. Georgi is convincing in his presentations by using his own life experiences. He sparks his audience’s interest in the most challenging scientific topics (neuroscience). He is courageous enough to face his listeners with his own life issues without losing professionalism.  People feel understood and emotionally safe with him. As a coach, he is on par with his clients and works with them as an insightful mediator with a wide variety of methods. He knows exactly how to get to the heart of issues and to start developing processes both mentally and emotionally.

  • Stefanie Schäfer; NLP-Lehrtrainerin (DVNLP) und Lehrcoach (DCV), Wuppertal

You have always been very reliable and effective consultant advising us on any issues of corporate communications. Such a dedication for a customer is really hard to find!

  • Anne Reck, Leiterin Presse- und Öffentlichkeitsarbeit, Goodyear Dunlop Handelssysteme GmbH, Köln

Mr. Georgi was in charge of the integration and training of participants in the course of a welfare-to-work project presentation for unemployed people with multiple placement obstacles. He proved to be a sensitive and very sociable partner who managed to make excellent contact to his target audience through insightful interviews. The project was a huge success because of his methodic and convincing presentations. Mr. Georgi produced an outstanding positive effect on clients and our cooperative partners as well.

  • Peter Hinz, Ordensgemeinschaft, Sozialwerke e.V. - Düsseldorf