General terms and conditions

1. General

Strategie 108, Ralf Georgi, carries out his Coachings according to these general terms and conditions. With this commission of the oral and written declassification of offers, these conditions are considered as having been approved. Divergences of these general terms and conditions have to be agreed upon in written form. The contracts made by us are service contracts, unless something different is explicitly agreed upon. The subject matter of the contract therefore is the performance of the services, not the bringing about of a certain success. We especially do not owe a particular economical result. Our statements and recommendations prepare enterprising decisions; respectively support our clients to structure private or professional processes of change. We are entitled to use assistants and other performing agents for the execution of our orders. We deliver our performances on the basis of the information and data, given by our clients or their commissioner. Those will be inspected for plausibility. The responsibility for its factual validity and completeness lies with the commissioner.

2. Offers / fees

Our offers are without obligation, subject to alterations. All fees understand themselves in Euro. The fixed fees of the Coaching-contract will be calculated for the Coaching performances.  Strategie 108 charges a fee of 15% of the restrictive contract value according to the document for the organization and coordination of external services. If the preparation of training material is needed, we charge a cost lump sum for every seminar participant, which will be agreed upon in the contract.

3. Travelling and accommodation expenses

For operations outside of Solingen, the enterprise calculates a mileage allowance of 0, 33€.
Other travelling expenses (cab, train, flight, bus, rental cars) will be deducted according to the document. The same is true for accommodation and subsistence expenses in an appropriate amount. We charge 78€ per hour if the travelling time is longer than 3 hours.

4. Payment terms

Bills are due net after receiving. The following conditions count for the cancellation of granted and already terminated orders: Cancellation from the placing of orders until 8 weeks before the agreed start of work: 25% of the total order value, cancellation between 8 and 4 weeks before the agreed start of work: 50% of the total order value, cancellation between 4 and 2 weeks before the agreed start of work: 75% of the total order value, cancellation less than two weeks before the agreed start of work: 100% of the total order value.

5. Copyright

The copyright law on the documents solely belongs to Strategie 108, Ralf Georgi. Clients are not at liberty to reproduce our documents completely or in extracts without our written approval and/or to make them available for others.

6. Insurances

Every commissioner carries the whole responsibility for himself and his actions inside or outside the Coaching sessions and makes up for possible damage as well. Coaching is not psychotherapy and cannot substitute it. The participation requires a normal psychic and physical resilience. The organizer of team-Coachings, trainings, seminars and workshops is always the commissioner. Therefore the participants do not have an insurance protection through Strategie 108.

7. Concealment

We commit ourselves to keep silence to others after the termination regarding private, professional and commercial matters of the commissioner. Furthermore we commit ourselves to keep the documents for the purpose of Coaching and to make sure nobody else gets to see them.

8. Duty to collaborate of the commissioner

Coachings happen on the basis of the conversations between the two parties. It consists of cooperation and mutual trust. Coaching is a free, active and self-responsible process. Particular successes are therefore not guaranteed. The Coach lends the commissioner his support as a counselor and supports him when it comes to decisions and changes. The actual work of changing has to be done by the commissioner himself. Thus the commissioner should be willing and open to deal with his situation and himself.

9. Place of performance and venue

The place of performance is Solingen. Venue is the concerned district court of Solingen. This agreement is governed by the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany.

10. Final clauses

If individual regulations of the contract with the contractual partner including these general terms and conditions are completely or in parts invalidated, the validity of the other regulations will hereby not be touched. The complete or partial ineffective arrangement shall be replaced by an arrangement whose economical success is quite near to the ineffective one.

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