“In a study including thousands of managers, more than 70 per cent reported feeling exhausted for a ‘considerable time’ – virtually the whole time. And 50 per cent reported feeling ‘drained’. How can competent and dedicated men and women let it go so far?”
David Servan-Schreiber: Instinct to heal. Publisher Antje Kunstmann 2004, p. 63; reference to research in the text.

About my approach


Coaching to me is just a very special way to interact in a conversation. It’s about changing attitudes and behavior that we carry into our private and professional lifes. My presupposition is: The way we immediately perceive the life around us provokes our very personal behavior, deriving from kind of “frozen” feelings, experiences, learning, etc. Vice versa, if we make changes on our perception on a very conscious level, we may also change how we behave in special situations. Thus, we broaden our “repertoire” to act and behave on a superior level. I am following this approach on Management issues as well as on private concerns. Since it’s that one approach in either one cases, I don’t see any reason to “specialize” myself for a certain branch, type of company, topic, etc.